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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  February 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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moves ahead with another round of military exercises. a tragic day on the ski slopes after several skiers are overwhelmed by a massive avalanche at a popular west coast ski resort. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this monday, february 20, 2012. we're going to take a live look outside now at 5:00 a.m. 37 degrees. back to chilly again. most schools are -- in the area are closed today due to president's day. some schools are open. schools in culpeper county and orange county are operating on a two-hour delay today because of last night's snow. so some parts of our area did see some snowfall. caused delays out there. >> yeah. they add up to about four inches there and farther south and west, up to ten inches fell. here's the radar over the last 24 hours. all that white was snow. the green was rain. it did start as rain a little bit to our south. and then it changed over to snow just to the south of washington. mt. vernon had a half inch. charles county had up to an inch
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around brian's road. now that moisture is all heading east. and here are the snow totals in the wake of that storm. yes, up to ten inches fell in augusta county. as well as areas right around blacksburg, virginia. virginia tech, apparently there was a massive snowball fight there. all the students at virginia tech. farther north, up around fredericksburg, one to two inches fell between there and charlottesville. actually around charlotteville up to four inches in locations. yes, even around culpeper, two, three, four inches was common. and farther to the north, a dusting to an inch. reagan national had a trace. and temperatures right now are in the 30s around the region. and near or below freezing farther west and north. and we'll have the cloud cover that's over us now breaking up by later this morning. sunshine breaking out. here's the day planner. sunny afternoon, weather with snow. it's only going to be up around 40. but elsewhere, where there is no snow, it may hit 50 by mid-afternoon. i'll have your evening planner in ten minutes. danella? how's traffic?
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hardly on the road. a great day traveling i-270. we'll take the trip together, we'll fly over it making our way toward clarksburg. in fact, you're 61 mile-per-hour traveling southbound at middlebrook road. continuing into the rockville area, very nice and clear. i'll show you now. traveling southbound, hardly any cars on the road. northbound, virtually independent at this time. connecting to the beltway, no issue there. here's our live look, the beltway at i-270. on the inner loop from 270 making your way to i-95, you're at 59 miles per hour. eun, over to you. >> thank you. 5:02. new this morning, park police are investigating a car crash on the b. with parkway. this morning a car went off the road and hit a tree, bursting into flames. there were two people inside. they are okay. now to a developing story in north korea. the country says that live five drills by south korea could prompt what it's calling total war. take a look at video of the last
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time south korea conducted live fire drills in march of 2010. the country conducted the drills despite threats from the north and said that it was prepared for any retaliation. north korean officials said these drills will lead to a complete collapse of any ties between the two koreas. at least one person is dead and another four injured from a suicide car bombing in afghanistan. it happened in the city -- the southern city of kandahar. the bomber rammed the gate of a police station near the governor's house. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. but foreign analysts believe the taliban is behind the bombing. today family, friends, and co-workers of a missing new yfe worker will hold a vigil. pamela butler vanished three years ago when she didn't show up for a valentine's day dinner she had planned with her mother. the 47-year-old worked as a computer expert for the epa. she lived in northwest washington. the family hopes for answers about her disappearance. and -- >> a newspaper says how police calculate the d.c. success rate
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at closing murder cases is misleading. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says there is a 94% homicide case closure rate in washington. according to the "washington post," police records show the city had 108 homicides last year. 62 were solved as of year's end. that is a 57% closure rate. the paper says d.c. police also counted 40 cases from other years that were closed in 2011, giving it that 94% closure rate. lanier says the department followed fbi guidelines in calculating its case closure rate. in decision 2012 this morning, rick santorum is trying to clear up a controversial comment he made about president obama. the republican presidential candidate made the statement at a campaign appearance in ohio. >> it's not about you, not about
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your quality of life, not about your jobs. it's about some phony ideal. some phony theology. >> critic say santorum crossed the line by questioning the president's christian values. santorum defended himself saying he wasn't talking about the president's faith, but instead questioning the president's radical world view. newt gingrich says he and the other gop presidential candidates must win their home turf contest. the first test comes in michigan, where mitt romney was born and his father was governor. gingrich is hoping to win georgia's primary on super tuesday march 6. santorum is fighting for april's primary in pennsylvania where he was a senator. gingrich said if any candidate loses their home state, they'll face serious questions about continuing in the presidential race. a scandal involving a high-profile sheriff in arizona has rocked mitt romney's presidential campaign. county sheriff paul babo resigned as co-chairman of the
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arizona campaign. it came after a phoenix newspaper revealed that the sheriff is gay and claims of misconduct. the newspaper reported that babo threatened to deport his ex-boyfriend if the mexican immigrant ever revealed the two had a relationship. babo believes his elk hacked into his social networking sites and shared his personal pictures with newspapers and tv stations. sheriff babo is also running for a congressional seat and says he will continue his own campaign. the battle over legalizing gay marriage in maryland moves to the state senate. the house of delegates narrowly approved the same-sex marriage bill on friday. the bill is expected to have an easier road in the senate when it is debated and put up for a vote this week. the senate passed a similar bill last year. governor o'malley says that he will sign the new measure into law if it passes. 5:06. and drivers getting squeezed when they stop to get gas. the record prices we're paying at the pump now and what you can expect in the weeks ahead. the snow missed the d.c. area, but not everyone was as
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[ foghorn blows ] 5:09.
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5:09. 37 degrees, chilly. it's going to get nice, we understand. let's find out. >> meteorologist tom kierein's in the storm center to tell us more. tom? good morning, yeah, starting off with quite a bit of cloudiness in the wake of the snowstorm that hit yesterday just south of washington. and temperatures there where that snow fell are generally below freezing most locations. it is a little above freezing in washington as well as fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties and montgomery county. howard county, loudoun, points north and west, near freezing or below freezing. and a little pit -- father south and east, lower southern maryland, in the upper 30s to near 40. and there is the sky over the last 12 hours. that dark gray area north of washington, a few lingering flurries. but those are quickly heading off to the east. as the day progresses, we will have increasing sunshine and during the afternoon, sunny. and where there was no snow, make it all the way up to around 50 degrees. but where that snow is on the ground, it's going to take a
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while to warm up. may hit the low 40s farther to the south. overnight tonight, sun set at 5:51. clear and chilly. down, in fact, down into the 30s by late evening. even colder by dawn tomorrow. we'll look at that, the week and weekend, that will be in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. good morning, traveling bw parkway from the capital beltway to the baltimore beltway, no issues there. southbound travel speed for you, 71 miles per hour at 32. traveling on i-95, moving right along issue free. this is a live look at 216. southbound speeds to the capital beltway, 63 miles per hour. only taking nine minutes to make the trip. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11. 37 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," the search for fresh powder ends in tragedy. what triggered a deadly day on the slopes in washington state. more than just an ugly play on words. the fallout at espn
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welcome back. international nuclear officials arrived in iran today to talk about the country's suspected development of nuclear weapons. the second time in less than a month that the iaea is in iran. this visit comes as military leaders and diplomats from the u.s. and britain urged israel not to attack iran. they say such an attack would cause major problems for the entire middle east, and that international sanctions against iran need more time to work. in a response to european union sanctions, iran has expor britain and france. it was halting production and europe will lose 360,000 barrels of oil a day from iran.
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record high gas prices are about to get higher. expert say prices are the highest now than any other february. experts believe we could pay a record $4.25 a gallon by late april. according to aaa, you'll average $3.76 a gallon if you fill up in the district. threents c more than last week -- three cents more than last week. it's also up in maryland this week. virginia drivers are paying about $3.53 now, up four cents in a week. in west virginia, the average is up a penny to $3.62. experts blame higher oil prices for the surge. officials from the european union are expected to vote today on a bailout for greece. the country is hemorrhaging money, and the e.u.'s vote would save the country from total bankruptcy. thousands of greeks, though, are protesting again spending and salary cuts made by the greek government which were a condition of the pending bailout. protesters say they've already sacrificed enough, but greece's prime minister says the cuts will be permanent. this morning, three men are dead, killed in an avalanche.
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it happened in stevens pass in the cascade mountains northeast of seattle, washington. they became buried under the snow. other skiers dug them out. espn reports professional skier elise salgstad survived. she was part of a group who wanted to ski in the out-of-bounds area where fresh snow had fallen. >> i was thinking to myself, that's a lot of people going out of bounds at this moment. but it's 14 inches of new snow. if people want to get some more fresh powder, they're going to seek it out. >> all the men were described as expert skiers. avalanche warnings were issued in the area. a swedish man is alive after he was stuck in his snow-covered car for two months. doctors say he survived by hibernating like a bear. snowmobilers noticed the car and dug their way to window, noticing a man sleeping in the bag in a sleeping bag. the 45-year-old drove off a road and landed in the forest the week before christmas.
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he told police he survived by chipping off snow and ice and eating it. he was too emaciated and too weak to say more than a few words. whitney houston is in her final resting place. family and friends held a private burial for the singer in westfield, new jersey. she is buried next to her father. the family also held a private service saturday at the new hope paptivity church in newark. -- baptist church in newark. she was found dead in her hotel room at thebeverly hilton hotel. today marks spay anniversary in american space travel. 50 years ago, john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. glenn rocketed into space aboard "friendship 7" and orbited the earth for five hours. it was a monumental step in space exploration as it helped america pull even with the soviets in the space race. over the weekend, glenn returned to cape canaveral to mark the
5:19 am
occasion. he says he relives the flight so often it seems like it happened just a couple of weeks ago. it's not a blizzard, but some people in our area are waking up to see some snow on the ground. it looks a little like a winter wonderland in the fredericksburg area. farther south, you -- in fact, the farther south you go on i-95, it was all snow. vdot says snowplows and salt trucks spent the night clearing roads for this morning's commute. the snow is sticking in southwest and central virginia. a winter storm warning is still in effect in the roanoke area. the storm dumped eight inches of snow there. it also knocked out power to more than 20,000 customers. virginia state police say they responded to about 350 crashes due to slick roads. >> then look at this -- police in tennessee say the weather is to blame for a huge pileup on i-95 -- rather, i-75. ten cars, eight tractor-trailers and a greyhound bus involved. they were involved in the accident near the kentucky border. police say the roads were icy at the time of the crash.
5:20 am
paramedics treated more than 50 people on the scene. five peopler taken to the hospital. yenchs everyone's expected to recover. the red cross opened a shelter for stranded travelers. a mess. >> indeed. luckily no one was more seriously injured. you look at the scene and can't imagine what it was like there. >> thank goodness. let's find out about our forecast. tom? >> that could have been us, that storm. if it had tracked 50 miles farther north, it could have unloaded snow here quite a bit. as it happened, we only got a trace in washington. charles county had about an inch of snow. and then inch or two fredericksburg over toward charlottesville. around charlottesville and farther to the west, toward stanton, virginia, they had four inches to ten inches south of stanton, virginia, in augusta county. temperatures in the 20s. just near 30 in montgomery county. near freezing in prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties now above freezing. 37 at reagan national. and it's -- clearing out now to our west. the cloud cover is thinning out.
5:21 am
still a few lingering flurries north and south of washington. but that's going to be moving quickly. sunrise at 6:54. we'll have sunshine by later this morning. and during the afternoon, should be a nice, sunny day. where there's no snow on the ground, ought to climb to around 50 degrees. where there is snow, only going to reach to 40 or so. that will be melting through the day. the winds gusting to 20 miles per hour will diminish overnight tonight. and by dawn on tuesday, we'll be down into the upper 20s and low 30s. a cold start tomorrow morning. and then we'll have clouds building by the afternoon. partly cloudy, highs around 50. milder weather on wednesday and thursday. around 60 both wednesday and thursday. morning lows in the 30s to near 40. then at the end of the week, friday looking wet. could get some rain. will be mild, 50s to near 60. chillier air saturday and sunday. danella, good morning. good morning, looking really
5:22 am
good in our area. taking the trip along i-66, seeing issues at all. as you make your way toward centreville, 60 miles per hour. 66 miles per hour at route 50 as you continue to head eastbound to the beltway. not seeing any major problems for you. we'll take a live look at glebe. you see westbound almost completely clear. eastbound, really good. you're at 57 miles per hour to make your way from the beltway to gw parkway. that trip will take you 11 minutes. >> thanks. 5:22. most of you have this president's day off, but that doesn't mean business is coming to a standstill. all post offices are closed. express mail will still driver. most banks are closed but not all. in the district, traffic meters are not enforced. liquor stores might be open. it depends on the owner. there is regular trash pickup in anne arundel, prince george's county, and montgomery counties. in virginia, trash will be picked up in arlington and fairfax counties. fairfax city and alexandria are delayed a day.
5:23 am
give yourself extra time if you're taking metro today. metrorail, at least. crews used the long holiday weekend to do track work. on the red line the grovenor/strath more stations are closed. there will be free shuttle buses around the affected stations. all three should reopen for tomorrow's commute. over the weekend, vdot crews took down highway signs on the northbound and southbound sides of i-95 near the prince william parkway in woodbridge. a spokeswoman for vdot said inspectors found cracked anchor bolts on the signs. crews began inspecting similar signs like the huge overhead sign this came crashing down on the front end of a pickup on i-66 in forecast laairfax count weekend. crews will inspect more than 260 signs in northern virginia over the next month. rupert murdoch is set to launch a new sunday version of his tabloid "the sun "newspaper.
5:24 am
the tabloid which hits newsstands this sunday replaces his now-closed "news of the world" newspaper. that paper was forced to shut down last july after it was discovered that some editors and reporters routinely hacked into telephones and bribed police for information. murdoch will oversee production of the paper. there are rumors that writers and editors who were fired from "the news of the world" will be rehired to work for the new "sunday sun." espn fired the employee who posted a controversial headline about knicks point guard jeremy lin. the headline which appeared on espn's mobile site saturday morning used an anti-asian slur. the sports network also suspended an anchor for a month for using the same phrase. espn released a statement apologizing to lin. the network said it also discovered a third use of the offensive phrase and is investigating that incident, as well. after a short, surprising hiatus, stephen colbert will return to the television screens tonight. the comedy news host canceled
5:25 am
his shows last wednesday and thursday to take care of his 91-year-old mother who had fallen ill. colbert is expected to address his absence tonight on his show. over the weekend, colbert tweeted that he was grateful to those who offered their thoughts and prayers for his family. lindsay lohan is coming back to nbc. the actress will host "saturday night live" on march 3. the musical guest will be jack white. this will be lohan's fourth time hosting "snl." the 25-year-old is currently on probation for a drunk driving case and the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store. she is set to finish her court-ordered community service before her march 29 deadline. wonder how that's going to go. >> hope it goes well for her. hope thing start to get together. at 25, one would start to -- hope that she's starting at least. >> been through a lot. 5:25. coming up, the norovirus continues to spread through our region. the latest trouble spot that has several more people sick. taking extra precautions,
5:26 am
the incident that has a fairfax
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presidential hopeful rick santorum is on the defensive this morning.
5:29 am
his new poll numbers show his lead is growing among republican voters. a fairfax county mosque is on high alert this morning after one man's terror plot puts them in the spotlight. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news4 today." it's monday, the 20th of february. let's take a live look outside. the skies are calm at least. 5:29 is our time. and we have 37 degrees. want to tell you that most schools in the area are closed today for the president's day national holiday. some schools are open. some schools that are open are delayed. schools in culpeper county and orange county operating on a two-hour delay because of the snow out in that part of virginia. >> no more snow. we're done. even in culpeper, right? >> yes, for now. it is still february. >> it is. we could have snow in march, really. >> that's right. there's still hope, snow lovers. around our region, we've had just a trace around the metro area. now right now just a few flurries to the south and to the
5:30 am
north. here's the radar going back over the last 24 hours. all that area in white was snow. it snowed really hard roanoke toward stanton, virginia, lynchburg. augusta county, one location got ten inches of snow. while farther to the south, southern maryland in snow. charles county up to an inch. as far north as mt. vernon, they had half an inch of snow. these are the snow totals from yesterday. a few flurries north of washington. but those heaviest snows nell that darker blue zone in the pom of your screen. and generally fredericksburg over toward charlotteville had from an inch around fredericksburg to as much as four inches around charlottesville. now, temperatures, they're cold. it's at or below freezing in loudoun, montgomery, howard, frederick counties, maryland, virginia, the panhandle of west virginia and maryland. fairfax county, low 30s. mid and upper 30s in arlington county and the district. prince george's county, mid 30s. southern maryland in the low 30s now. the view from space showing a thinning cloud cover to our west.
5:31 am
and that's going to give us increasing sunshine as the day progresses. here's your day planner for this president's day. we'll have winds gusting, too. right now around 20 miles per hour. they'll diminish by later this afternoon with increasing sunshine. where there's no snow, ought to make it to around 50 mid-afternoon. where there is snow on the ground, maybe only around 40 or so. and the evening planner, that will be this ten minutes. danella has a look at president's day traffic. good morning. good morning. really nice commute if you're taking the beltway. we'll take a live look at van dorn street. hardly any traffic on the road. travel speed for you from van dorn street, heading toward prince george's county on the inner loop, you're at 62 miles per hour. now, if continue this time, taking the beltway at central avenue, again light volume. travel speeds for you, if you're making your way from route 50 to i-95, at 60 miles per hour. and continuing the beltway in montgomery county. nice and clear at connecticut avenue. from i-95 to i-270, you're at 59 miles per hour. no problems right now on the
5:32 am
road. eun? >> thank you. in decision 2012 this morning, the latest polls show a race that many analysts considered unthinkable a few weeks ago. rick santorum leads the latest physical up poll by eight points -- gallup poll by eight points. many sided withntial candidate. 28% mitt romney. newt gingrich received 13%, ron paul received 11%. while santorum leads the polls, he's defending a roversi about president obama over the weekend. nbc's tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with that. good morning. >> reporter: hey, a couple of them, joe. good morning, everyone. just last night, he made what some are calling a reference to president obama and hitler. he was talking about world war ii and voters and how they were hopeful amid challenges that things would get better because their leader, they thought, was a nice guy. then here's what he said -- maybe he's not the best guy after a while. after a while you find out things about this guy in europe who's not so good of a guy after all.
5:33 am
talking about then and now. this came a day after santorum called president obama -- said he subscribed to a phony theology. critics say he was questioning the president's faith. here's how santorum explained it yesterday morning. >> i was talking about the radical environmentalist. that's why i was talking about energy. >> your use of the word theology, do you wonder that that might lead some to suggest that you were questioning the president's faith? >> well, no because i've repeatedly said i don't question the president's faith. i've repeatedly said that i believe the president's a christian. he says he's a christian. but i am talking about his world view. >> now that was on cbs's "face the nation" yesterday. him explaining those comments. he ended up later making similar comments when he wasn't talking about environmentalists. so likely santorum taking a lot more heat about that today. he is still leading the michigan polls. you saw one of them, the average of those polls, between three
5:34 am
and ten points ahead. romney unable, it seems, it hold to his home state. newt gingrich seeing that as an opportunity. joe? >> tracie potts reporting live. thank you very much. a fairfax county mosque is beefing up security to help protect it from potential hate crimes. federal investigators learned that the man accused of trying to bomb the capitol on friday attended the center in falls church before his arrest. the fbi says he was not a regular worshipper at the mosque. former al qaeda leader anwar al alaki was an imam at the mosque before taking a radical turn and leading the terrorist organization in yemen. jury deliberations will begin wednesday in the murder try of a former university of virginia lacrosse player. jurors will decide whether george huguely had the intent to kill his elk girlfriend or whether yeardley love's death was an accident. in closing arguments, the prosecution said that huguely brought down a bed -- broke down a bedroom door and beat her.
5:35 am
huguely's defense attorneys acknowledge that his client contributed to love's death but say that involuntary manslaughter is the most jurors should consider. police arrested a 25-year-old man suspected in a series of robberies in montgomery county. police arrested ramone gonzalesn saturd -- ramone gunn. he walked into the store, showed what appeared to be a handgun, demanded cash and walked out. at the time police had gunn under surveillance. they arrested him as he walked to his vehicle. they found cash on him and a black pellet gun and black mask in his vehicle. police say he confessed to robbing two salons in gaithersburg. so far he's charged with one robbery, but he faces additional charges. this morning, four people are recovering from gunshot wounds. neighbors called police after hearing gunfire yesterday morning at the holly springs -- holly spring meadows apartments in marlboro pike in district
5:36 am
height. police san an argument ended with four people shot. they were taken to the hospital. they had non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect led police on a chase that led into virginia. he was eventually caught and arrested. as family and friends mourn the loss of a young mother killed in a car crash, police are looking for the drive who left the scene. 18-year-old taesha williams was thrown from the car when it hit a tree in suitland early saturday morning. she was the mother of a young boy who was about to turn 2 years old. the family says williams was one of four passengers in the car when it crashed. police identified the driver, and they're investigating whether speed and alcohol were factors. even though schools are closed for the president's day holiday, one school in prince william county is working to clean up after a norovirus outbreak. crews used bleach to clean henderson elementary school over the weekend. the case involves sicklings of
5:37 am
previously infect -- siblings of previously infected students. the virginia health department officials say if your child experiences any symptoms, keep him or her host at least 24 hours after the symptoms ended before sending your child back to class. 5:37. 37 degrees outside. several controversial social issues have been in the spotlight at virginia's capitol this session. now voters are weighing in on lawmakers' action so far. plus, it promises a caffeine jolt. but is it safe?
5:38 am
today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice.
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. time for weather & traffic on the 1s early on this president's day morning for this monday, the 20th of february. we have some cold temperatures as we start off this morning. just near 30 degrees in much of the region. just west and north of washington. south and and east, in the mid 30s. reagan national now is at 37. and in the wake of the sunday snow, we have still some lingering clouds this morning that are producing a few flurry in st. mary's county, the northern neck, in northern anne arundel county. otherwise, the storm is ending and pulling off to the east. here's your day planner. we've got a blustwe wind.
5:41 am
you see it -- blustery wind. you sigh ee it bouncing the cam around. 40s near noon. near 50 where there's no snow on the ground. to the south, highs only around 40 degrees. here's the evening planner. sunset at 5:51. clear and chilly. mid 40s by evening. upper 30s by midnight and clear. the winds will be diminishing tonight. a look at the week and weekend in ten minutes. danella has a look at the president's day traffic. good morning. good morning. still looks really good if you're making the trip out of the house, traveling along i-95. making your way northbound at prince william parkway, you're at 66 miles per hour. no issues as you continue toward 395. traveling on 395, nice and empty. if you're traveling past glebe road northbound, you look really good as well as southbound. northbound in fact as you cross the 14th street bridge and head into the city, still nice and clear at this time. your travel speed, 60 miles per hour. only taking 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. joe and eun?
5:42 am
>> okay. thanks. our time is now 5:41. worried your kids aren't getting enough sleep? you might want to relax a bit. why teenagers may function better on a little less shuteye. a life-saving
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good morning. welcome back. expect a big budget battle in richmond this week. even the republicans control the house and senate. they cannot agree on everything. the house and senate budget committees released their amendments to governor mcdonnell's budget proposal over the weekend. a house version would add more for community care of the disabled. it also redirects millions of dollars for financial -- rather to financial aid for students at state-supported colleges and universities. both the house and senate plans eliminate mcdonnell's proposal to have state employees put
5:46 am
money toward a public pension plan. and both chambers must pass their respective spending plans by this thursday. a new poll says the majority of virginians are not on board with several laws up for discussion. the christopher newport university "richmond times dispatch" surveyed more than 1,000 people this month. the first issue for discussion, virginia's one handgun a month law. researchers found 66% of voters want to keep it in place. 31% are in favor of getting rid of it. the general assembly approved legislation to repeal the law. it is headed to governor mcdonnell's desk. he is expected to sign it. another measure that could reach the governor would require women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. of those polled, 55% say they oppose the requirement and 36% say they support it. the house and senate have already passed versions of the legislation. and despite concerns, governor mcdonnell's approval rating is surging. he has an approval rating of
5:47 am
59%. attorney general ken cuccinehhi's approval rating at had 30%. the battle over legalizing gay marriage in maryland is moving to the state senate. the house of delegates there narrowly approved a same-sex marriage bill on friday. the bill is expected to have an easier road in the senate where it is debated and put up for a vote it week. the senate passed a similar bill last year. governor o'malley says he will sign the measure into law if passed. a newspaper says how d.c. police calculate the district's success rate at closing murder cases is misleading. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says there is a 94% homicide case closure rate in washington. the "washington post" reports police records show the city had 108 homicides last year and 62 were solved as of year's end. that's a 57% closure rate. the report says d.c. police also counted 40 cases from other years that were closed in 2011, giving it that 94% closure rate.
5:48 am
lanier says the department followed fbi guidelines in calculating its case closure rate. d.c. police are still working to determine the cause of death and identify a woman pulled from the potomac river. her body was found in the c & o canal behind the swedish embassy on saturday. police are not releasing any other information at this time. a man in frederick, maryland, is behind bars after police say he tried to take picture of a woman in the fitting rooms at a goodwill store. police say that dominic william spangler tried to snap photos of several women under the stalls of the dressing rooms. an officer tracked down spangler after getting a description from people at the store on willowdale drive. spangler's also facing charges for allegedly pushing a woman walking on the sidewalk while he was trying to get away. this morning, police are looking for a man who set off a homemade explosive. it happened saturday afternoon in the sale emfields subdivision -- salem fields subdivision. a man got out of an suv, placed
5:49 am
the explosive on a sidewalk, lit it, and the device exploded. no one was injured. donald trump is talking about his latest project to transform the old post office pavillion downtown into a world-class hotel. trump plans to turn the old post office on pennsylvania avenue into a 250-room luxury hotel complete with world-class restaurants and conference facilities. all that while maintaining the historic nature of the building, he says. trump says it will be something the "washington post"ians and hotel guests alike will appreciate. >> there was a lot of competition for the old site. it's a magnificent building. i've done magnificent buildings before. i think this has a chance to be one of the great hotels of the world if not the best. you couple that with my club, i have a great club outside of washington. in loudoun county. you add that to it, it's going to even, i think, give it a big boost. i think it's going to be great. >> trump's real estate group is spending about $200 million on
5:50 am
development. construction is expected to begin in 2014 and finish in 2016. when everything is complete, the old post office will be renamed trump international hotel. federal regulators are looking into whether inhaleable caffeine is safe. aero shot went on sale last month in massachusetts and new york. it is a lipstick-sized tube that gives consumers as much caffeine as a large cup of coffee. it did not need fda approval because it's sold as a dietary supplement. senator chuck schumer asked the fda to take another look. aero shot says its product is safe and it will cooperate with the review. we didn't see much snow in washington, but police in tennessee say the weather is to blame for this huge pileup on interstate 75. ten cars, eight tractor-trailer trucks and a greyhound bus were involved in the accident near the kentucky border. police say the roads were icy at the time of the crash. paramedics had to treat more than 50 people at the scene there.
5:51 am
five of them were taken it the hospital. all the people are expected to recover, though. the red cross did also open a sheller for travelers who were stranded -- shelter for travelers who were stranded. wow, snow lovers going to be done for the winter, or do they think -- do you think there's a little more time? >> no, no. keep hope alive. >> all right. >> we still have the rest of february to get through and march. i don't see any more snow for the region in the next seven days. look at what happened the last 24 hours. all that white was snow. it swept across virginia, southern maryland. and now it's exiting. here are the snow totals from yesterday's storm. we had a few flurries, washington points north. actually, there was a trace accumulation at reagan national. to the south, charles county, up to an inch, inch and a half. fredericksburg to six inches in charlottesville. up to ten inches fell in augusta county, southwest of charlottesville. quite a storm yesterday. right now around the region, we are cold.
5:52 am
it's in the 30s. and actually a little below freezing in montgomery county, as well as in loudoun county. frederick county, maryland, and virginia, panhandle of west virginia, washington county, hagerstown to cumberland, around 30. closer to washington, prince george's county is in the mid 30s, as is fairfax and arlington counties. and southern maryland where pacs river to the northern neck had a mix of rain and sleet, it did change to snow yesterday afternoon and overnight. charlottesville just at 31 with six inch on the ground there. here's the cloud cover. it's beginning to break up. the view from space showing thinning clouds, and we'll have increasing sunshine as a result today. here's your day planner for this president's day. sunrise at 6:54. we'll have the sun breaking out this morning and a blustery wind gusting to around 20 miles per hour. that will settle down. our windchills in the 20s. they'll improve as the day progresses as the wind dies down. we'll have lots of sunshine. highs near 50 where there was no snow on the ground. and where there's snow, it's
5:53 am
only going to make it to around 40 or so. clear and chilly, down to the upper 30s by midnight. and then by dawn tomorrow, the upper 20s to low 30s. a cold start to tuesday. partly cloudy with a high near 50 tomorrow. mild air moves in for wednesday, thursday, and friday. near 60 each day. could get rain friday. then a chilly pattern for saturday and sunday. back to more februarylike weather. no snow. now danella, how's traffic? look at her smiling. >> i am smiling. you said no snow. i'm sorry, i like the warm weather. all right. local roads look really good if you're planning to head out of the house now. i'll give you a live look, traveling in d.c. pennsylvania avenue at branch avenue, volume very light. checking for accidents in the city, not seeing any now. that's a good thing. traveling in montgomery county, very light volume. a live look at east/west highway and 16th street, and again, light volume in the area. and not seeing any accidents on the roadway. i'm going to still celebrate no snow. now back to you both. >> we're celebrating, too, danella. >> woohoo.
5:54 am
thank you very much. this morning, drivers will notice two highway signs missing on i-95 near the prince william parkway in woodbridge. over the weekend, vdot crews took down the signs when inspectors found cracked anchor bolts. crews began inspecting highway signs similar to the huge overhead sign and structure that came crashing down on the front end of a pickup truck on i-66 in fairfax county last weekend. the driver was not injured. vdot does not know why the sign came down, but it also had problems with its bolts, as well. crews will inspect more than 260 signs in northern virginia over the next months. an illinois man is the last link in the world's longest kidney chain. a series of surgeries started this past august and ended at loyola university medical center near chicago. a kidney chain usually links people who wanted to donate to a loved one but aren't a physical match. in this case, 30 good samaritans donated their organs to 30 strangers. then those strangers went on to also make donations.
5:55 am
the last recipient was 46-year-old don terry, a diabetic whose kidney had failed. >> i don't want to say a number of 30 behind my name. i want to see a number of infinity to the entire world. >> this is what makes us american. it's doing things for other people before we do thing for ourselves. >> surgeries were performed across the country. and kidneys were shipped to the next person on the chain. don terry received his new kidney in december. wonderful story. this week a federal health panel will take another look at a new weight loss drug. it's called quexa. the fda rejected it two years ago because of two potential concerns. heart problems and birth defects in women who became pregnant while taking the drug. the makers of the drug are expected to offer followup studies and a plan to keep pregnant women from taking the drug. many teens may dispute results of a new sleep study. federal guidelines suggest they get nine hours of rest a night.
5:56 am
but that's not necessarily what they need. researchers at brigham young university say teens can do just fine with six to seven hours of sleep a night. the study is first to analyze school performance. researchers studied more than 1,700 students to get those results. listen to this -- trying to find a parking spot in d.c. is often a challenge. well, a new web site is offering a unique stress-free way to park your car. it's called simply parkatmyhouse. not my house, but myhouse. the site matches drivers with homeowners who are willing to rent out their address for a little extra cash. drivers can rent out a spot by the hour, the day, the week, or the month. the site's owners say they're already doing extremely well in england. that's a tough walk, though, to d.c. >> yeah. >> a version for d.c. is set to open early next month. >> don't park at my house, i live in d.c. i need my parking. that's the problem. where do the dee homeowner park if they rent it out? it is a premium.
5:57 am
losing your passport is a hassle for any traveler. >> one student's flea market discovery helped another traveler get hers pack more than 60 years later. this started when a portuguese student studying in paris who bought a 1950s passport at a flea market as a souvenir. he then used facebook and google to track down the original passport owner. it was a woman who moved to paris over six decades ago after studying in berkeley, california. the saga came to an end yesterday in paris when the student returned the passport and the two spent the day talking about her travels. >> wonderful. >> i love this story. >> good. a great little historic artifact, too, to have. >> i'm sure the woman from pairis who lost her passport -- paris who lost her passport had a lot of stories to tell. >> i'm sure. trying to explain where it was all these years. 5:57 you. now. coming up at 6:00 a.m., we'll have weather & traffic on the 1s among other things.
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